a collection of artworks that i enjoy- little animated shorts, video game clips radical feminism ;3 or what ever else I like seeing
I can’t think of anything fancy to say other -

im feeling like focusing on the arts, and less SJ stuff at the moment


    manga searchhh

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    the artists i like on tumblr- haven’t really been posting much :x aww whats wrong guyss


    ** what the fuck..why is this getting likes ? shoo peeps 

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    Super High School Level Gangster: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

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    Super High School Level Nurse: Mikan Tsumiki

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    Super High School Level Light Music Club Member: Ibuki Mioda

    she makes some colorful facial expressions 

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    Night Vale Inspires — Part 5

    Part 1: [x] Part 2: [x] 
    Part 3: [x] Part 4: [x]

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    Man,oh man 

    I haven’t read Claymore in a long time, it was one of my favorite manga’s but i really hope it doesn’t go on for fucking ever like Naruto or Blech.. Last thing i remember clearly was Clare fused with the Twin Abyssed one and Priscilla,crazy bitch she is gave chase….I hope i can rekinddle my love for this manga :x

    For reasons’ unknow to me me Rifle of the west has always been my favorite claymore character..even if she is technal evil…to bad she died… maybe i like her because she was trying to kill Priscilla :p

    after searching apparently I stoppeed at chapter ch 114 ? maybe idfk

    oh…..my fucking god


    PLEASE please PPPLEASEE do not do the Inset thing„fucking hell

    why does this happen in Manga i like ;;A;;

    I still don’t like Raki, the Raki x Clare pareing was just a Proxy for Clare and Threasa but worst…

crawling my way to the end of this semester 

what is my life

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    crawling my way to the end of this semester

    what is my life

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    feminsit stuff-

    to read later *lazy*

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